NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course


Available Dates:

  • Saturday, December 4
  • Saturday, January 29
  • Saturday, March 5

Course Description:  Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding individual’s right to self-defense.  Students will practice skills using a laser simulator in the classroom before engaging in live fire.  Note: Lesson III of this course: Firearms and the Law, and Legal Aspects of Self-Defense, is conducted by an attorney licensed to practice law within the state of Florida, or a Florida Law Enforcement Officer Trainer.  Students should allow ample study time as we distribute course materials upon payment to be read prior to the class. 

Subjects Covered:

  • Introduction to Defensive Shooting
  • Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
  • Firearms and the Law, Possession, Ownership, and the Use of Deadly Force
  • Strategies for Home Safety
  • Responding to a Violent Confrontation
  • Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense
  • Sport Shooting and Training Activities

Prerequisites:  All students must have successfully completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course. 

Recommended Equipment:

Pistol suitable for self-defense (i.e. centerfire)

2 magazines for semi-auto pistols

2 Speed loaders for revolvers

250 cartridges

Eye and ear protection

A hat is highly recommended

A cooler with snacks and liquids

Pen and paper for taking notes