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Alex B

Treasure Coast is absolutely amazing. The focus they put on each individual to make sure they not only get the information but know how to use it is when they need to. They provide vital information for using a pistol and being in control of the pistol.

Alex B

Ken F

This class was amazing and the instructors were outstanding. They truly spend the time to make sure that you are completely comfortable with operating and controlling a firearm in a safe manner. 100% would recommend!

Ken F

Vincent L

This was my first class with Treasure Coast. I found the class to be both informative and interesting. I found Amy and her instructors to be knowledgeable about the book requirements but they also brought real world training based on experience to the class. I would recommend them to anyone.

Vincent L

Paul B

The group of individuals at Treasure Coast go beyond basic training and aim to not only educate you but also ensure that you leave confident and proficient. They truly have some of the best experience and safety practices I have ever come across and I plan on working with them consistently in the near future. I highly recommend anyone looking to better educate themselves in the world of fire arms/self defense Treasure Coast be the ones that guide you!

Paul B

James S

The instructors that taught us the material were great and very thorough. We had fun in the class while learning. They won’t leave you not knowing what you need to know to be safe operators.

James S

The team at Treasure Coast

The team at Treasure Coast is the best! Amy, Dale, Jim, Tom, & Tommy are super talented and are incredibly focused on ensuring you apply safety skills to all of the drills. The time they spend with you per drill makes you feel super comfortable and they do not quit until you have truly grasped the motion and concept of the task at hand.

They are personable and go above and beyond to help you learn .
I highly recommend!!!


Best Instructors Around!

I was looking to become an instructor for pistol and after looking at class dates and reviews I chose TCFT. I have taken several courses in different firearms disciplines and TCFT has the best instructors. Amy, Tom and Tommy are top notch instructors with a wealth of knowledge. The class was fun, hands on and I left feeling like I was ready to give the next one. I will be back for more and I am looking forward to seeing them again.

James Beach

Awesome Team

Thank you for your time & dedication to this much needed training, I enjoyed & learned so much from you & the guys. You are all an awesome team and a great asset to the NRA. Thanks for all you do.


The Instructors and counselors are

The Instructors and counselors are professional, extremely competent, and they create a family like embracing atmosphere. You never feel intimidated and ego’s are non-existent. Safety was always a number one priority and I feel like I have become part of a new family.

Brian Tomlinson

Great Course; Great Instructors

Being an elderly female, I was apprehensive about taking the course and being able to handle a gun. Every instructor was very knowledgeable, patient and eager to help in any way. The course was not only excellent but fun. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Catherine Slater Moore

First class training

My wife and I enjoyed the friendly and very professional training we received. The basic rifle course was perfect for my wife “a total beginner” and great refresher for me “former military”. I actually learned a lot that I didn’t know. We plan to continue taking more courses with Treasure Coast Firearms Training. L. G. B.

"Lane" Byron

Awesome Day

Thank you to you and the guys for making today an awesome day for me!!!💕💕💕 I am so appreciative for everyone’s patience with me and making me feel so comfortable.

Excellent Pistol Instructor Course

I recently had the pleasure of attending the NRA Pistol Instructor Course given by Amy and the crew at Treasure Coast. My experience was excellent from beginning to end. Instructor’s were top notch and the quality of NRA course and materials speaks for itself. The facilities were nicer than any I’ve trained at. This was well worth my 4 hour round trip travel and I’ll be returning for additional training in the future.


Excellent Class

The class was informative and well presented.
Though I served and was trained and qualified in the military with the 1911 45 auto hand gun , it was a good refresher. I also felt all of the safety information was extremely valuable.

Joseph D Duerr

This training was excellent!

This training was excellent! Amy, Tom, and Tommy are all extremely skilled and went out of their way to make us successful. Their presentations were thorough, and very professional. We all knew we would need to continue practicing the skills. I can’t thank them enough for doing this training! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn personal safety in the home!

Brenda Eileen Lines

Excellent and Informative!

Mrs. Amy Hackworth was an amazing instructor! She taught my mother and I everything we needed to know and then some; she really put me at ease in learning how to disassemble and clean my weapon and was very patient in teaching us how to properly handle our weapons. She very much focused on the safety aspects of gun use and through her further instructions during target practice, I was happy to learn that I chose the right gun for myself. I am now more confident and comfortable than ever as a weapon owner. My mother and I will be looking forward to taking more classes with her in the future.

Mallory Van DeSande

My daughter and I took

My daughter and I took a private class with Amy…I was apprehensive in the days prior to this class… boy, was that wasted energy! The training site was a beautiful and calming place to study, learn and practice! Amy was a great relief from beginning to end… she was very patient and and went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and at ease in class, handling weapons and out at target practice! She was very focused on the safety aspects of gun handling but never overbearing. Again, I was a little apprehensive when it was time to target practice, but then again everything was great and so much fun! She offered so much of her personal experiences that were so informative. My daughter and I will be looking forward to take more classes with her in the future.
Can’t wait to see you again, Amy!

Sheryl M Van DeSande

I recently took some NRA

I recently took some NRA Instructor courses with Treasure Coast Firearms Training with the intention of teaching our Boy Scout Troop a BSA Rifle course. Amy and her co-trainers were fantastic. Professional, patient, and engaging instruction made the materials retainable and easier to explain to future students. I have over 33 years law enforcement experience and I learned so much from this team. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I highly recommend them!

Scott Utecht

The classes are presented by

The classes are presented by dedicated instructors who are concerned that you really understand how to effectively use and safely handle a firearm.

Joseph Duerr

firearm training

I have taken multiple courses from TCFT. I am so grateful for their training. I am soooo much more comfortable with my firearm. I understand the proper safe handling and use of my firearm. I look forward to improving my skills with them..

Melissa Dean
Dean Wellness Institute

More Than I Could Have Asked For

After not having handled my pistol for over 30 years, I took the NRA Basic Pistol Course. I am very please with what I learned. The trainers were exceptional. The coursework was thorough. Any limitations I thought I had were vanquished. This was the best experience I have had with learning about pistols and shooting. Thank you, ~M.K.

M.K. O’Regan


This was the best education class an individual can ask for. We spend time in the classroom learning, but also on the range practicing and learning about different firearms. We began by learning about firearm safety, parts of a firearm, common terms, etc. We then moved to learning different shooting positions and working on aim. We then took these skills to the firing range. It was a great class with great teachers. Every educator was knowledgeable and personal as well.

Kelly Perez

I learned so much in this

I learned so much in this class, much more than I ever expected. I have concern that I won’t retain all the info…
and I am excited to learn more.
Amy was a great teacher, so very helpful with our questions, she has so much knowledge.
I’ll be calling on her more for help in learning all of this, and as much as I can about this weapon.

My hope is I never have to use this except at target practice, that is my HOPE!!

Kellie B. Sheirs

If you ever want to

If you ever want to be prepared for a possible serious home invasion this is the class to take. Treasure Coast Training is the company to sign up with. The personal training by Amy, Tom and Tommy is incredibly informative and the one on one training on the range is very intense, The time they spend with you is important because they really want to know the training!
Thank you Amy, Tom and Tommy looking forward to the next class!
Tim Ring

Tim Ring

NRA Pistol Course is Excellent!

Treasure Coast Firearms Training is the Team to teach it. I’ve been shooting for a few years. This class taught me many things I didn’t know AND helped me get my aim focused. I had fun with the shooting test. I think all pistol owners, especially first time gun owners, should be required to attend this class.

Darci Braz


You were recommended by a friend and we knew this had to be professional due to our relationship. It was spot on and thank you to Amy Hackworth and the whole team.

Glen Mumford

Concealed Weapons Permit Course A+

Amy does an excellent job of preparing you for the responsibilities of carrying a concealed weapon. Clear, concise and eye-opening. I would recommend this class to anyone considering carrying a concealed weapon.

John Zadjura


The Instructor was very professional and personable. She made the two hour class pass quickly with important references and examples. The important factor was she knew her stuff and made it easy.

Arthur Deschane

Best Instructors Ever!

I’m cross-eye dominant and have always been told that’s a challenge to teach (by grandpa, uncles, brother, dad, and Basic Military Training Instructor). So, I was made to shoot the way my instructors knew best. It wasn’t ever my best though. I hated that for as hard as I tried to earn my marksmanship ribbons I would always seem to miss the mark. It was a disappointment I figured would always be my curse. That is UNTIL receiving instruction from Tom, Tommy, & Amy. Not only did I feel encouraged by them, but I left having a better understanding of how to help other shooters feel better about and improve their skills. These instructors were quick to recognize my consistent groupings, saw the potential, and invested the time to show me how to improve. Now I better understand my unique ability and I don’t feel bad about it. In fact, I want to go shooting more now! I ain’t saying I’ll be the next Annie Oakley, but I’m no longer worried about qualifying with either eye. Treasure Coast Firearms is the best training I’ve ever had; hands-down.


Thankful for the Excellent training

I’ve taken 2 courses with Treasure Coast Training and will soon be signed up for another. The information provided in the course is invaluable. Of course my favorite part is outside getting one on one expert training with both my gun and my mindset. I love that we’re able to get together with our instructors after class for more training and practice. I feel I’ve got the best trainers around. I also feel all new gun owners should go thru, at a minimum, the basic pistol course. I’ve shot many times over my many years, learned so much just from this class. Protection in the home also an excellent class. Looking forward to the next training venture.

Darci Braz

Amy was amazing to work

Amy was amazing to work with. I learned a lot about concealed carry in my time spent with her. I highly recommend Treasure Coast Training to anyone interested in learning about concealed carry or getting their CCW.

Spencer Rinaldi

Great Learning Experience

This was a great learning experience, the NRA Basic Pistol Course. The instructors were incredible, obviously knowledgable and made it easy to learn and remember. It was easy to concentrate and I remember so much from that course. The teachers encourage you and can correct in a way that makes you feel grateful, not resentful. Any Hackworth is wonderful!

Mary Jane DuCoin

I love having class with

I love having class with Amy and her team. Always so informative and full.

Micah Holmes

Great CCW Class

I took the Treasure Coast Firearms Training CCW class recently 06/2022. It was professional, informative and practical. It prepared me for the great responsibility of CCW and legal self defense. It also provided helpful information on navigating the application process. I can highly recommend Treasure Coast Firearms Training.
Great price also for great instruction. Thank you, Mike

Michael Armstrong

Outstanding instructors

Amy and her instructors care about each student and don’t talk down to them. I highly recommend their classes because you won’t be disappointed. I learned so much about being safe and how to operate every kind of handgun.

Carol Connacher

Thank you so much

I’m so happy with this course I took with Amy at Treasure Coast Firearms Training. Amy is super special she takes the time to teach everything with details and a lot hands on. This was my first course and it won’t be my last one I recommend Amy and Treasure Coast Firearms to anyone. I learned something new in class and I’m been holding my CCW license for 13 years already thank you so much Amy.

Yans A. Urgelles

NRA Instructor Course

Amy thank you so much for everything you done in this course. I learned a lot and i will continue to learn. It was a fantastic experience been in your class. I will continue to recommend you to any new students and also i will be more than happy to work with you as well. Thanks again for everything you done. See you soon.

Yans A. Urgelles

A must use training company

Have had several experiences with the instructors from this company. They are who I use and recommend to my customers when they want next level training. I recently took the chief rso course and it was a.pleasure. Professional, informative and smooth. Wouldn’t consider anyone else for myself or anyone looking for fair, down to earth professional instructors.

Mike schweigert

Truly amazing experience!

Amy and Jim are fantastic instructors who take the time to work with students of all levels. I appreciate their calm demeanor and patience with me throughout all of my courses. I have found a new love for shooting, and a big part of it is due to these fantastic instructors!

Tess English

I am very pleased with

I am very pleased with what I learned during this course
Amy and all the instructors made me feel very comfortable during this course
I went in with very little knowledge and now I feel more knowledgeable about safety and handling of weapons .
Thank you for your time and instruction

Michele Starace